Beyond the Mat

Designed by South American Power Plate Master Trainer, Diana Bustmante, this workout takes Pilates mat exercises to the next level with Power Plate Acceleration Training. Focus on control in your movements as you strengthen and tone your entire body.

Additional Info

  • Exercise Level: Intermediate
  • Motivator: Look Better
  • Program Type: Yoga / Pilates
  • Benefits: Bone Density, Strength, Flexibility, Range of Motion, Stability, Cellulite Reduction, Circulation, Relaxation
  • Body Parts: Core, Glutes, Back, Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Ankle, Hip
  • Tools: Deck, Lumbar Support Cushion, proMOTION Cables, Stability Ball, Support Cushion
  • In this video: Robyn Baker | Diane Bustamante

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